About Richard Durrant.

A stand-up, barefoot, un-classical guitarist and composer.

His guitar playing is richly romantic, truly virtuosic and crosses all musical boundaries.

He performs on concert guitar, tenor guitar, ukulele and a variety of other instruments.

Richard Durrant has appeared as guest soloist with the RPO in the Royal Albert Hall and played in the wilds of South America as well as tiny, English, village halls. Recent tours took him to the Wilderness Stage at Wilderness Festival and concerts in Spain, France and Paraguay. In 2015 Richard recorded his new work The Girl at the Airport (for guitar and strings) with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

During an average year of playing concerts Richard travels 35,000 miles, which is why he undertakes much of his spring and summer touring on a bicycle carrying his stage show in his panniers and trailer. This is Richard’s effort to pay back, at least in part, his disgracefully large carbon footprint. For the last two years Richard cycled over 3,000 miles playing 50 Cycling Music concerts around England and Scotland. In 2015 he cycled and gigged from Sussex to the Isle of Skye. Cycling Music has raised money for The Big C charity, based in Norwich (2014), and CDF, the Cyclists’ Defence Fund (2015).

Richard Durrant was born in Brighton. By the time he entered the Royal College of Music, aged 18, he had already begun to explore classical, folk and contemporary music and had a growing reputation as a concert guitarist. Following his official debut recital at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London in July 1986, Richard turned sharply left and pursued his diverse interests in electro/acoustic music, improvisation, composition and multi-media. He has remained, by choice, outside of the classical music establishment ever since, in fact he recommends a total abandonment of what he calls “the C word”.

In 2008 Richard Durrant decided to reduce his studio based projects to concentrate more fully on his solo playing. Since then his creative force has been refocussed onto the guitar fingerboard and the associated issues of staging and presentation.

Richard Durrant